We are not afraid to die,
but to live ... Without intensity

The resent pandemic has left lessons for all humankind. For the first time in our resent memory; we, as a race, had a common threat that affected us all. The need to unite and work together to solve humanity’s unanswered questions has never been greater. At the same time, the world’s political elite and governments have greatly misunderstood the sentiment of the world population. The world is ready for more unity across borders and not for political divisions.

The lessons of the pandemic are clear. People must reevaluate their life goals, objectives, and question the direction where they’re going. The result is a newfound freedom in the human spirit, a need to live without fear.

«Fear not of dying, but of having incomplete lives»

In Barents Re, as a company and as a family, we ask ourselves these same questions. Our purpose during the medium term is to focus the company and its colleagues into a live-changing environment exercise to overcome our fears and to live deeper, more intensely, and with more passion. A company is a reflection of its people. As a company, we have the mission to live free. To be fearless when confronted with adversity, and to become a truly resilient enterprise. But for this to happen, we all need to evolve.

My warmest regards to you all and hope to see you in person soon.

Gerardo Garcia G.